Uttar Pradesh
Snacks - From Avon Bakers & Confectioners, Meerut
Snacks are an awesome collection to make your evening refreshing. We are here to offer you a wide range of snacks that can be utilized anytime, anywhere from the best brands like Avon Bakers & Confectioners in Meerut. Since 1965, a wide range of cookies have been the speciality of Avon Bakers & Confectioners, Meerut.
  • Avon Cookies (Atta Jeera Cookies)
  • Dhaniya Cookies
  • Atta Cookies
  • Butter Badam Cookies
  • Badam Pista Cookies
  • Chocolate Nut Butter Cookies
  • Till Desi Ghee Biscuits
  • Coconut Butter Cookies
Snacks From - Ram Chandra Sahai, Meerut
It is a leading manufacturer in traditional sweets, namkeens & snacks with an awesome quality standard since 1904s & is famous for rewri & nan khatai.
  • Nan-Khatai
  • Roll Gajak
  • Patti Gajak
  • Kaju Gajak
  • Khasta Rewri
  • Til Laddu
Namkeens From - Bhim Sain Baij Nath Inventor of Dalmoth, Agra
Since 1865, Bhim Sain Baij Nath, "Inventor of Dalmoth", has been serving us with a unique taste of Plain, Kaju and dry fruit dalmoth varieties made up of desi ghee/oil. The varieties are 100% fresh, chatpata, delicious, crunchy flavor with divine taste
  • Kaju Dalmoth (Oil/Ghee)
  • Plain Dalmoth (Oil/Ghee)
  • Dry Fruit Dalmoth(Ghee)
Namkeens From - Adarsh Namkeen, Khurja
It is a reputed and popular brand for namkeens and snacks in Bulandshahr. It is in the list of top suppliers and is one of the leading sellers.
  • Dalseb (Cholesterol Free)
  • Dalsev
Namkeens From - Daboo Namkeen, Aligarh
It was established in 1980, and is one and only ultimate store for - "Kuch namkeen ho jaye" with Crispy, Crunchy, Delicious and Savory Snack.
  • Mini Samosa
  • Dabboo Mixture
  • Dabboo Heeng Mixture
  • Dabboo Dalsev
Sweets From - Dada's Sweet, Chandausi
The famous Oldest Sweets Shop in the chandausi has been trading continuously since 1885. It's known for the quality & purity of the products.
  • Desi Ghee Doda
  • Kaju Katli
  • Chocolate Bite Barfi
Sweets From - Kallu Halwai, Chandausi
Established in 1890s in Sambhal, and is famous for its cake, badam bhog and soan papdi and is well known for its sweets, namkeens and gajak.
  • Desi Ghee Patisa
  • Kaju Katli
Barfi From - Shagun Sweets, Ghaziabad
A vibrant place for a wide variety of Ethnic Sweets since 1990 with various subsidiaries in Delhi-NCR currently manufacturing 200+ varieties of Sweets
  • Five Star Barfi
  • Ice Cream Barfi
  • Kaju Katli
Sweets From - Loknath Sweets, Ghaziabad
Since 1952, Loknath Sweets has been serving sweets made of high quality milk, which include delectable, delicious, and fantastic tasting treats to stop your cravings.
  • Dry Gujiya
  • Dry Gujiya
  • Dry Gujiya
Petha From - Panchhi Petha, Agra
It is a world famous Petha brand established 70 years ago and is ready to serve wide variants, flavours and taste of pethas, sweets and namkeens. Petha is an opaque candy made of ash gourds and now available in a wide variety based on the ingredient used like coconut, kesar, khus, elaichi, pan, chocolate, angoori strawberry, rasbari together with bright colors, excellent blast of flavors and superb tastes to impart yummy Petha rich in CALCIUM, SULFUR, IRON, PHOSPHORUS, VITAMINS -A, B, C
  • Panchhi Petha Gujiya
  • Panchhi Petha Sugar Free
  • Panchhi Petha Dodha Barfi
  • Panchhi Petha Kesar Barfi
  • Panchhi Petha Pan 1 Pkt. (12 pieces)
  • Panchhi Petha Sandwich
  • Panchhi Petha Gulab Laddu
  • Panchhi Petha Santra
  • Panchhi Petha Chocolate
  • Panchhi Angoori Rose Petha Tin 1 Kg
  • Panchhi Angoori Elaichi Tin 1 Kg
  • Panchhi Petha Strawberry
  • Panchhi Petha Rasbari
  • Panchhi Petha Kancha
  • Panchhi Petha Rim Jhim Cherry
  • Panchhi Petha Mango Cherry
  • Panchhi Petha Khus Cherry
  • Panchhi Petha Cherry
  • Panchhi Petha Coconut
  • Panchhi Petha Kesar Angoori
  • Panchhi Petha Kesar Plain
  • Panchhi Petha Angoori
  • Panchhi Petha Plain